Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Newest Words: Ecógrafo, Cálculos, Cirujano. . .

Right, one should learn Spanish before moving to Argentina. Even so, there's nothing better than personal experience for adding richness and depth to one's vocabulary. Here are my newest experientially derived words—and not one ever appeared in any of my Spanish classes!

· Gastroenterólogo – Gastroenterologist
· Ecógrafo – Ultrasound
· Vesícula – Gall bladder
· Cálculos – Gall stones
· Controles – Medical tests (e.g., blood tests)
· Bioquímico – Health professional who does said tests
· Cirujano – Surgeon
· Cardiólogo – Cardiologist
· Sanatorio – Small private hospital
· Suero – Intravenous fluid
· Receta – Prescription
· Convalecencia – convalescence
· Recuperación – recovery

Alas, given that the human body only contains one gall bladder, some of my new words are already obsolete! Let’s hope that the rest will not get much practice.


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