Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Welcome to the Summit of the Americas!

Going by the numbers. . .

2: number of days of Summit, November 4-5
34: number of heads of state who will attend, including Bush and Chavez
400: kilometers from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, seaside resort hosting Summit
250: number of city blocks of Mar del Plata cordoned off for the event
10,000: number of Argentine federal & regional police officers needed to cordon area
45: minutes of advance notification to receive permission to land during event
176: kilometers to be patrolled against unauthorized planes
50,000: expected visitors to Mar del Plata during Summit
600,000: number of year-round residents of Mar del Plata
100: percent of Mar del Plata public schools shut down during preparation and Summit
4: number of Argentine cities already having protests of "Go home, W!"
300: additional cities planning Friday protests
2: number of alternative summits being held in Argentina this week
1: rank of Argentina among Latin American countries for anti-US sentiments


katpa said...
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sheldon said...

More psychiarist in Argentina than in anyother country. A wonderful country lost being a super power before ww2.