Thursday, December 08, 2005

On Gratitude Journals

The Spiritual Law of Gratitude states that what you are grateful for increases.

That's what my friend Richard says. It sounds good to me!

Long before research showed that keeping a gratitude journal can promote lasting benefits right away, even for depressed folks, I started jotting down each night the things for which I was grateful. At least three per day. And if it's been a challenging day, four or five!

Right now I'll just share four from this evening alone:

1. the songful joy of picking my own strawberries on our farm, alone at dusk, sans the usual glorious sunset but with a soft fuzzy gray blanket slowly covering the sky. . . and me with a basket of luscious scarlet fruit.
2. stopping at the farm gate, entranced by troupes of fireflies dancing in the newly planted trees by the roadside after night fell. . . teeny tiny living stars glittering among the eucalyptus leaves and tall grass stalks. Are they playing hide and seek with one another??
3. the sound of a gaggle of girls on the sidewalk singing rousing choruses "Que te cumpla feliz" (Happy Birthday To You) outside a modest home while waiting for the lucky birthday girl to answer the door.
4. a warm, soulful conversation connecting folks from all over to hear and share ideas about how to make this holiday season a more meaningful, less stressful event--a timely reminder about tending spiritual priorities and traditions.

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