Monday, August 07, 2006

Magic Rain Drops!

This morning’s raindrops mark my first in my Book of Argentine Wonders.

I felt the first drops while pruning back some frost-damaged jungly plants under my yearling palm tree, “Margarita.”

“Gayle, take a look at the pool.” Roberto had that mischievous grin. I was expecting the usual pretty pattern of dots and ripples from the rain, beginning to drizzle more steadily.

Was I surprised! Tiny bubbles punctuated the entire surface of the pool! Air bubbles the size of hazelnuts formed with each splash of a raindrop. . . and popped when torpedoed by the next. It was like watching some invisible tiny feet pop one gigantic sheet of blue bubble wrap!

“There’s a saying here in Argentina that when the rain drops form bubbles, the rain will be heavy.” Roberto pointed to the ash-gray sky to the west.

Well, the promised rain has been no more than intermittent sprinkles--not that such disconfirmation will dampen enthusiasm for folklore!—and the pool continues to roil with joy under a gray sky.

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