Friday, April 27, 2007

Getting in Hot Water

Aggravation-resilience time again! Arrrrrrrrgh!

1000…999…998…997…996…995……phew. Counting backwards from 1000 is one way I calm myself and stop cycling the negative thoughts.

What’s eating me? Having to boil water and hand carry it to fill the bath tub AGAIN! Not my favorite dance routine. though this time I did make Toll House cookies since it took a half hour to boil enough water in my pots.

The new "high recovery termo-tanque" (hot water heater) was thus supplemented by several fillings of one blue tea kettle, one Revere saucepan, one Revere Dutch oven, and a large pasta pot.

994…993…992…Dang it. I just want a nice hot bath without having to EARN it!

Tank plus installation ate up nearly a month's rent, and it was supposed to solve the constant hot water outages due to the old "calefactor," a sort of primitive instant-hot water wall unit that only worked after we installed a pump to increase the water pressure. Alas lime deposits constantly clogged it, and we resorted to the tea kettle for preparing dish water too.

991…990…989…at least now we do have a reliable supply of hot dishwater. But the 30 liter (8-gallon) tank, which purportedly is the best available here, just ain't gonna fill up a 40-gallon tub fast enough. The first gallons get cold in an unheated bathroom (in a poorly heated, uninsulated brick house) before the final gallons can pour in.

988. . 987. Well, at least I won’t be wasting much time or water with baths any more. Or showers. . . because an 8-gallon shower is gonna be pretty short.

986. I can take pride in living greener, using of our precious water resources and less gas to heat it! Go ahead, export that unused gas to Chile!

985. Aggravation gone. Next?

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