Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Really Good Day

Phone on the blink all week again, but my call to my NY coaching client last night from a public phone booth, went smoothly. Well, except for the staccato--CLANK! CLINK!--of a locksmith's hammer and chisel 4 meters away.

Plumber detoured on his way home yesterday—fixed the toilet again and confirmed that the newly installed, top brand hot water tank must have a factory defect. (Made in Argentina, not for export.) He's gonna have a little chat with the vendor, and he swears we will have hot water showers that last more than 87 seconds. . . maƱana.

Now, look here, dear blog reader, get this straight: Yesterday ranks as a GOOD day. Roberto and I toted up our successes and good moments while we waited for some slow-grilled food and fast fried potatoes--and we came up with over TEN* between the two of us. We washed down the tasty hot fries and savory chicken with some ice-cold Argentine beer--and a toast to a good end to another day in our little home on the pampa.

*the good side: scenic tranquil round trip to Pilar (BA exurb), great meeting with two Argentine coaches for Gayle and excellent meeting with blueberry ag engineer for Roberto, pleasant lunch with the coaches (one of whom paid the whole tab), toilet truly fixed, good call with client, phone message from my Boston-based son Eric, satisfying interview about working on a coaching newsletter. Plus a smoke-free, delicious, cheap dinner for two. That's more than good enough for me!