Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ten Very Personal Reasons for Staying in Argentina

Okay, after nearly five years, let me re-examine why I am still enjoying Argentina:

10. 360-degree horizon

Living on the Pampa gives me an incredible panorama of the entire horizon, all 360 degrees! I thought the plains would be...well, plain. ...but this enormous expanse of sky and earth is exhilharating, transcendental. Memorable moment: stopping on the Rosario-Victoria bridge one night to gaze at the sprinkling of stars that reached all the way to the waters of the midnight black waters of the Parana.

9. Chile is next door.
It's a mere two-hour flight to Santiago, and then a short drive to enjoy rugged beaches, seaside resorts, volcanoes and lakes. (Nice expats there too)

8. Uruguay is next door.
Two hours of driving and then two on the ferry gets us to Uruguay with its miles and miles of desolate ocean dunes between ritzy Punta del Este and the Brazilian frontier. (And there are MORE countries nearby!! Brazil, Paraguya, even Bolivia and Peru aren't too far.)

7. Lots of friends under 30.

They like practicing English and sharing their dreams. It's nice not being seen as irrelevant by folks half my age--they keep me young.

6. Politics.

I never have to defend being a political liberal. I sleep well knowing a conservative Republican will never be President. More pluses: No Fox “News.” No Rush Limbaugh. And yes, a woman President.

5. Buenos Aires and Rosario. When I need civilization, there it is. Museums. Restaurants. Plazas. San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo in BA, the costanera and peatonal in Rosario. More bookstores, cafes, and candy shops per block than in any US city.

4. Great climate. Sunny days the norm, with a wide-open azure sky. The palo borracho and other flowering trees. Months of pool weather and gardens. Orchids. Glaciers and Andes snow available year-round if desired.

3. Slow food, good food. Savoring good food and wine. Attentive waiters. No eating at desks. Long Sunday dinners. Our own strawberries and blueberries!

2. Social climate. The pervasive warmth and friendliness. The genuine interest folks have in other folks. Lingering over meals or mate for conversations. Talk (not shop) 'til you drop. Little interest in keeping up with the Garcias.

1. My dearly beloved. The world’s greatest smile & it is meant for me. A husband who keeps me at number 1 on his list! My very own walking encyclopedia. And this is his country.


Beth said...

It sounds wonderful, Gayle. Reminds me why I travel, and love other places so. Definitely hope to see you down there one of these days. In the meantime, thanks for sharing! I'm glad you continue to be happy there.

My best to R.

Carol said...

Whatever Argentina's equivalent of a Chamber of Commerce is, you, Gayle, should be involved with. (Excuse my dangling preposition!) The country and your attitude both sound marvelous. Your blog could just be the impetus for my R and me to head south rather than east one of these times!

joy said...
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Gayle said...
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Palermo 800 said...

Hi... you just forgot BRAZIL is next door TOO. And no inflation and none of the atittude that you've just described from the government. Everything else included and magnified: climate, people etc.

Gayle said...

Hi, Palermo, Desculpe! You are so right! I plan to get that visa, brush up on my non-existent Portuguese, and get to know our northern neighbor! How did I miss it, lol?!

Palermo 800 said...

:-D Very worth it. and nice blog here eh? Saludos!

Tina said...

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