Monday, March 23, 2009

Life Gets in the Way of Blogging

Truth is, I love to write.

I love to blog, write letters, and write, translate, and edit articles. I live for the written word, especially English. It is my connection to my culture, to my past, present, and future. Dare I admit that my favorite pasttimes are reading, playing Scrabble, and solving crossword puzzles? Oh, and conversations!

So what is my excuse for not blogging for FOUR whole months?

Actually, I've written at least 23 blogs in my head during this time. . . while peeling potatoes, chopping onions, washing dishes, hanging out clothes to dry, weeding the lawn, cleaning the pool,walking the dogs, showering. (But not while coaching or writing professionally or trying to sleep. And certainly not while making love or socializing with friends. Some moments ARE sacred!)

The irony: During this time I even wrote a page of tips for my own writing clients on how to stop procrastinating on writing!! (They all started writing more!)

So I am now taking some of my own good advice. JUST DO IT. It is so easy for all those "urgent, not as important" things to fill up a day, a week, a month, a season. . . even a lifetime. I made a commitment to journal my life as a California immigrant to the pampa of Argentina, and I intend to keep it!

At first, I was just taking a vacation from blogging while visiting beautiful Santa Cruz, California, for almost a whole month during the US winter holidays. Then when I returned, I needed to catch up on things.

And a week after returning, the internet pretty much shut down here at home, and I had to go to internet cafes for the bare minimum of work and play. The funky internet service became a daily excuse for weeks. Turns out the main antenna that serves our private antenna developed a kink that went undetected for over a month. (Luckily I did not heed the service tech's early advice to heavily prune one of our two majestic jacaranda trees!) So I wrote blogs in my head and some in Word while waiting for that tech to answer the phone twice a day for five weeks. Then I never posted them as they seemed dated.

Anyway, it's been fixed, so then I had to start thinking up other excuses, like too much domestic work. Truth is I do spend probably invest at least 10 to 15 nore hours per week on household tasks and repairs than when I lived in the US. Hey, I'm not complaining, in fact I enjoy cooking 90% of our food from scratch and maintaining our lush park-like yard in the midst of an historic drought. But those are the things I want to blog about! (Next blog: how I got an Argentine to eat salad regularly and reduce his bad cholestrol by 50 points!)

Lately I've been procrastinating saying that my fast-growing coaching practice had eaten into my free time. I love coaching immensely--and working with individuals, groups, and leading a resource group for new coaches, plus doing marketing for all that, does take time. I'm THRILLED to have a full coaching practice now. Still, I need to think about how to reserve and enjoy my free time.

Of course no one is paying me for this. I don't even know if anyone is reading it. Why do I bother? Because it has become the place where I take time to reflect on "the rest of my life" here in Argentina aside from work. I need and deserve this time to consider what it means to live as a stranger in a strange land. . . as a curious, passionate soul in transformation.

Reflecting is good. Writing it down is better, as it is amazing how we forget what we have learned and have to learn it all over again. Reflecting gives me the chance to savor the good stuff and hammer in the learnings...

Like how not to procrastinate.

So, I'm back!

Wow, that wasn't so hard! And I feel great!

P.S. If you want to challenge me at Scrabble, find me at, user name "Iguazu" as in the waterfall. I'd love to see you!

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