Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Love Lexulous!

Want to know the REAL reason that I need high-speed internet: Lexulous!

Have you tried it? Sure, the "real" board was better back when the site was known as Scrabulous, but playing faux scrabble is almost as good.

It's still about being clever with English words, which just means a lot to me as I never meet a native speaker here in my small city.* I love silly words like ZA and QI and ULU, or show-off ones like ZYGOMATIC (really, I played it once!) and ABACII.

Of course my opponents have stupendous vocabularies. And even more amazing is that I get to play--and chat with--women and men of all ages from all over the world. There are always hundreds, even thousands, of people on line, as well as a few robots, if you prefer a machine to someone from Canada, England, Australia, India, the Philippines, South Africa, Jamaica, Scotland, Haiti, Chile, Venezuela, or Peru, just to name a few of the countries of my recent opponents.

Not surprisingly, since I choose to play the US dictionary instead of the UK dictionary, most of my opponents are from the good old USA. And I guess they assume their opponents are there as well, because instead of saying "hello from England," or "I'm in Hong Kong," they say, "Howdy from Atlanta" or "Hi from MI." And some get confused when I say I am in Argentina. One asked me to say hello to the folks in Lima (Peru) or Rio (Brazil). A woman from Pennsylvania insisted that folks here speak Portuguese, not Spanish. One got miffed when I said I'm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. "PUH-leeze, we Americans know where that is," she retorted. I always add quickly that I am an expat so if they lose they don't feel as bad as I did losing to a Chilean (who goes by the name Atacama, for whom English is a second language).

Unless you've lived where you never hear your native language spoken, all this might seem rather trivial. But I love my native language. . . be it spoken, written, or sung! For me, it has been one of the principal ways of connecting with others as well as making a living. Some people like to go running or biking, others pick up a guitar. . . well, I log in to as Iguazu and get into flow putting little tiles on a multi-color board. In fact, I think I'll do that right now!

See you in the Lounge or Coffee House!

*People insist that there are others US folks here, but no one can tell me where to find them. I even have set up two Facebook groups, one for expats here in San Nicolas, the other for English-speaking women in Argentina, just in case someone wants to be found by me. To be honest, I did meet one native speaker four years, a US pastor who was running an orphanage, but he was very uninterested in talking to me. Then again, I bet he never plays Scrabble!


Roberta said...

Well my husband and I do not play scrabble and we are not in San Nicolas, but we are in General Alvear, Mendoza, Argentina!

Wanda said...

Seems odd to me that a pastor would be uninterested in talking to you. Whatever.

I'll have to check out the game. Thanks.

living and cooking in argentina said...

I know exactly what you mean about not having english speaking people nearby! I live in Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, and i never run into anyone who speaks english! it has gotten to the point that when i speak with family and friends via skype they comment on how bad my english is becoming!!

living and cooking in argentina said...

Hi Gayle, i just read your comment on my blog about the face book group, would love to join!! what is the name of the group? thank you so much for the invite, it certainly sounds right up alley! btw i love your blog, keep the posts coming! much of what i read of yours is just what i am observing in my new life:)

Gayle said...

Hi, living & cooking in argentina, The Facebook group is "Expat Women in Argentina"...let's see what we can do with it to make it fun, useful, supportive for us. I read your blog too--and remember some of those same situations, concerns, and triumphs. Isn't it amazing to see what we can do when the situation calls for our best? :-)

Katie said...

You lost to a Chilean? Oh, that had to hurt. lol ;) I like Scrabble. I should look you up some time on Lexulous!

Gayle said...

Hey, Katie, I just won playing Scrabble in Spanish with my friend here. . . blew her away! She had no idea that the Diccionario de la Academia Real de Espana had words like "vasilla," "ox," and "ax." Sometimes ignorance works for me!

Katie said...

Touché! ;)