Saturday, September 26, 2009

Michelangelo of the Pampa

Michelangelo, meet Miguel Angel, kindred spirit!

Though he works in recycled iron, not Carrara marble, you will recognize him as a kindred spirit.

He does larger-than-life statues, just like you did. One of them sits atop the Cathedral right here in the middle of San Nicolas. In fact, he's done all the important sculptures in this town, including the Malvinas War Memorial and a gigantic statue of the revered educator Don Bosco.
All the same, he is underappreciated. Despite his prodigious ability to fashion iron scraps into art, he makes his living trning out wrought iron gates.

Roberto and I pass by his workshop on our trips from our barrio into town, and I've especially admired the horse. Today I noticed the above singer sculpture perched over his entrance, and within one I'll call Death Calls. Roberto acceded to my entreaties to stop--and then took me inside to introduce me, as he and Miguel Angel have known each other for years. (Why didn't my husband tell me this years ago?)
After tying up his ferocious dog, Miguel Angel, with reticent pride, showed us his work in progress--a huge iron gate for the entrance to his own home. Imagine a huge wrought iron gate whose central vertical bars have been replaced by a sculpture of Earth within an oval,much like a map of the world's continents, flanked by two very pregnant women. When you visit San Nicolas, you will want to drive by his house! And if you know any one looking for great recycled iron sculptures, drop in his studio as well. You could end up shipping home a sculpture of a tennis or basketball player, a pair of eagles, or whatever this genuis creates in the meanwhile.

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