Saturday, September 12, 2009

Those Gorgeous Argentinians

How about that!

In today's, "Countries With the Best-Looking Locals" puts Argentina up there with Australia, India, Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, Japan, etc.
To quote the article: "The seductive tango is one of many talents that make the people of Argentina — and the country — so alluring. The beautiful coastline, cosmopolitan cities and world-class wines are some of the other reasons to visit this South American destination."

While I haven't seen too many people in the above tango pose from the article, I'm gonna agree with this....and be grateful for my own charming, handsome "local" husband. I remember the singer Ricky Martin also extolling the beautiful faces, attributing it to the "mix of races." Lots of gorgeous eyes, hair, and bodies....and a certain pride in looking good and moving gracefully. They also learn how to pose with big smiles and even a bit of seduction about the age that North Americans are learning to tie their shoes.

Who else (besides Mark Sanford) wants to come on down and see for her/himself?


Katie said...

Geez, Gayle. I don't know what part of Argentina you're living in, but here in Necochea there are people doing the splits and striking tango poses all day long. :p lol

In all seriousness, there are some very attractive people here. Lucky us for having snagged two of them. :)

Beth said...

Me! Me! I wish.....