Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Malos Aires? Volcanic Ash Reaches Buenos Aires and My Favorite Argentine Resort

Here's a Russian Television video, complete with lightning, of the spectacular ash plume spreading from the Puyehue volcano just over the border in Chile. In this next video you can see plows attacking the ash in the area of Villa La Angostura, my favorite Argentine resort, as if it were snow. . .but of course it is not going to attract any skiers this season, which starts in two weeks. Reminds me of all that lake snow I used to shovel in upstate New York, compliments of the cold air coming from Canada over Lake Ontario. Guess it shows that Nature knows no boundaries. Do you suppose there are some folks up in Oswego NY who might like to come down with their monster plows and lend a hand?

Flights were canceled at Buenos Aires airports earlier this week, though the latest news says the shifting winds will carry the ash to parts of Chile (where many residents are defying evacuation orders, alas). By the way, Chile has more volcanoes (500ish) than any country besides Indonesia. Makes me glad I'm a 10-hour drive away.

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catherineelise said...

Its so crazy how ash went so far as to argentina! My father in law told me that there were 200 active volcanoes in the south. Crazy!